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hey all, well its been too long since ive last put up a post.. but all for realistic reasons.. firstly december has been a super super busy month for me:

1. 6 assesments including math 2U , 3U , english essay ( inclass) ipt and SDD…. crazy.. so  u can see why  i wouldnt be able to have ANy time for some casual posting…

2. Went to lebanon for 5 weeks; starting from 1 week earlier befor the major christmas break.. 2 assesments were due even earlier for me then.. yay aint it.. super cramped weeeks … but worth a relaxing 5 week holiday…

well now the past has been explained, getting to bussiness, i have finished my lebanese hlidays.. and got 2 weeks left with my “big” break from school …. at my school, we have a major Software project as a final assesment and while i was in lebanon i decided to start brainstorming some concepts.. and i thought to my self.. what would a major project be worth without having some great 3d animations to shine through the crowd.. so yep! im including some nice advanced 3d programing and animations into my project…

ya might be wondering what is this project going to be based on, whats this facinating concept that would require super advanced 3d animations skillss…. well lol…. its just to SHOW OFF Muhahahahahaa  …. but on  a serious note.. i  will be using 3ds max as my 3d engine, and flash cs3… 3d for some movie clips and cool stuff and flash for the programing part of my concept.. but i  aint tellin my concept till later..  my teacher at school has always set the major project to be based on the program called visual basic becuase it is the only language he knows well ( No offence mr.hays; top guy, top teacher!) but this year he has been lenient and said we have the choice between flash cs3 and vb,.. so i  chose flash cauz firstly it is MUUUCCCHHH MORE EASIER, got get the same and even better results with much less work, effort, time and coding lines .. and it is more up to date, popullar, demanding and includes a super ergonomical layout! plus encoding videos, mp3 etc is within a click of a button.. compared to the 100’s of lines required in vb… which is a big bonus and boost for my concept!!!!!!   .. butt as u have seen.. all my posts are attached with a nice suprise.. ( i hope, hehe) and for your enjoyment.. here is a small SNEAK PEAK at a very very small piece of my concept ( my 3d part ) … enjoy (p.s: it was done in lebanon,. same time as  i was thinking up my concept)


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