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  car 1  car2.png  side car car8.png                                                                      well its been a while since i have posted anthing on, cauz ive been soo into asignments and a tonne of homeowrk from high school, and so i havent been able to experiment on 3ds max.. but after a while i recieve an assignment for software (SDD) on flash, but hey! i can use 3ds max to render all my animations.. (the criteria didnt say what program the animations needed to be from , yay!) so finally first time i am using 3ds max uN. to create something that would truly be used… bear in mind im still a “expirienced begginer, and its the first time i make this type of model, so i might look shit so some, but its gold in my heart).. i created this model car from a box, and basically blended and shapes polygons and verticies into a shape of a car, at first it didnt work out, but ith persistance and getting back into 3ds max it got easier… and this is my fist, final rendered car … pretty neat ayyee!


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