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Monthly Archives: October 2007

well, finally having the basics done, i decided to bring up the task of creating some rims! with the help of a tutorial i was able to create my own set and modified it to look pretty sweet! have a look ofr yourself!


white marble    close up marbles    Marbles - black background  

well now  i have finally figured out polygons and etc.etc….( alot of extra’s) .. i decided to play around with some material and color effects… after about an hours or two or playing around, these are my results!

Lightsaber created on 18/10/07

well after around 3 days of getting my self familiar with 3ds max 9, its interface and its capabilities i finally created my first product 9following a tutorial) of a lightsaber with some of my own additions (lights to reflect off objects) .. have a look, post a reply and tell me what you think, much appriciated!

well i am Joseph saad, currently interested in software design, programing and 3d art,designs and 3d coding. i started working on 3d projects around 1/10/07, and now currently a beginer in 3ds max 9 …